Festival Ribbons Report

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Category Subcategory Skill Level Ribbons Name Reg ID Description
Painting Watercolor Beginner Third Chris Rogone 48420-2 Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper - Turtle Flight
Beginner Honorable Mention Sara Cody 50239-1 Dogs on Jekyll Beach
Advanced First Jo Elliott 12700-3 Faith Chapel
Advanced Second Deborah Jinkins 50231-1 My Lamentation of Swans
Advanced Honorable Mention Betty Davis 40210-1 Lion Fish
Professional First Stephen Rothwell 50148-1 Jekyll Island Club Hotel
Professional Second Stephen Rothwell 50148-2 Jekyll Island Marshland
Professional Third Bruce Shoemaker 18360-2 Misty Morning
Oil Beginner Second Robert Murphy 50510-5 Sunrise Driftwood Beach
Beginner Honorable Mention Ben Grey 48350-1 Winter scene
Intermediate Third Lou Watson 49500-2 Morning Calm
Intermediate Third Lou Watson 49500-1 Where Did Everybody Go
Intermediate Honorable Mention Dianne Cooke 49100-1 Fall Fever
Intermediate Honorable Mention Margaret Durant 49480-1 The Mooring
Advanced First Nancy Zydler 50206-2 Iceberg Number 36
Advanced Second Lynda Bisher 48970-1 Piggies in a Poke
Advanced Third Marjorie Hill 50186-2 Winter Gift
Advanced Honorable Mention Jaquelin Turbidy 19590-3 Sea Oats and Sand Dunes
Advanced Honorable Mention Linda Dotter 49510-2 The Tempest
Advanced Honorable Mention Libby Welch 45740-3 Tulips
Advanced Honorable Mention Suzy Dmetruk 48710-4 Below the Surface
Advanced Honorable Mention Linda Dotter 49510-3 Moon over Sapelo
Advanced Honorable Mention Alice Moye 50169-1 Bed Head
Advanced Honorable Mention Libby Welch 45740-1 A Walk In The Woods
Advanced Honorable Mention Carrington Wilson 40350-2 Garden By The Sea
Advanced Honorable Mention Janet Waterman 41280-1 Little River/8x10 oil on canvas
Professional Second George Netherton 16760-4 Evening Magic
Professional Third George Netherton 16760-1 A Long Day Ends
Professional Honorable Mention Jennifer Broadus 47760-3 Morning Haze - Canal De Midi
Professional Honorable Mention Judy Clifton 40930-1 Toulouse at Sundown
Professional Honorable Mention Karen Burnett 49440-3 First Light
Professional Honorable Mention Linda Wunder 20480-3 Crabby Crabs
Professional Honorable Mention George Netherton 16760-3 LSSI Barn
Professional Honorable Mention Dottie Clark 40610-4 One Claw
Professional Honorable Mention Carol Jo Smidt 48180-2 Giraffe
Professional Honorable Mention Karen Burnett 49440-2 Morning Light
Mixed Media Intermediate Second Darlene Cook 50578-5 Jump
Advanced First Betty Davis 40210-4 Flame Run
Advanced Second Nancy Pitcher 50129-2 Egret Batik on Rice Paper
Advanced Third Betty Davis 40210-5 Purple Plain
Advanced Honorable Mention Bonnie Rabert 43000-5 The Ancient City
Advanced Honorable Mention Linda Dotter 49510-4 Misty Harbor
Professional First Karen Burnett 49440-1 Evening Tide
Professional Second Carly Hardy 50196-3 Finding Home/24x24 gallery canvas
Professional Third Ben Foster 13161-5 "Heron Taking Flight"
Professional Honorable Mention Linda Wunder 20480-2 American Bald Eagles
Acrylic Beginner First Martha Iszard 47010-4 Evening Glow on Riverview
Beginner Honorable Mention Robert Murphy 50510-2 Driftwood Beach Sunrise
Intermediate First Suzanne Scaglione 50173-2 Time Stands Still
Intermediate Honorable Mention Terry Michaud 48840-1 Matthew on My Mind I
Intermediate Honorable Mention Terry Michaud 48840-2 Matthew on My Mind II
Intermediate Honorable Mention Terry Michaud 48840-3 Matthew on My Mind III
Advanced First Virgil Otter 48920-1 Coastal Catch
Advanced Second Mandy Thompson 50345-1 Denim
Advanced Honorable Mention Virgil Otter 48920-2 Beach Boy
Professional First Ben Foster 13161-1 "Cloudy Sunset"
Professional Second Pat Sennett 18391-1 Landscape - Altered
Professional Third Ben Foster 13161-2 "Roseate Spoonbills"
Photography Nature Beginner Honorable Mention Chris Rogone 48420-6 Anhinga - Now You See Me!
Beginner Honorable Mention Ame Ivanov 42100-2 Black Swallowtail Caterpillar
Beginner Honorable Mention Deborah Patterson 47921-2 Tulips in Bloom
Intermediate Honorable Mention Sharron Gilbert 47430-1 Spoonbil Flying
Intermediate Honorable Mention Norma Worley 47500-2 Tip toe on the sand.
Advanced Honorable Mention Joanne Munzar 40620-4 Roseate spoonbill
Advanced Honorable Mention Joanne Munzar 40620-3 Parrot tulip
Landscape Beginner First Ame Ivanov 42100-1 Low Tide
Beginner Third Stephanie Perger 45350-1 Evening on the Marsh
Beginner Honorable Mention John Waters 46091-1 Water Lilly
Intermediate Second Norma Worley 47500-5 A foggy morning at the swamp
Advanced Honorable Mention Reinhold Schwenk 50569-1 Someone Lost Their Marbles
Advanced Honorable Mention Reinhold Schwenk 50569-3 Early Stillness
Professional First Mahlon Stacy 42200-1 Bigton Tombolo - Shetlands
Architectural Intermediate First Norma Worley 47500-3 Christinas Attic
Intermediate Honorable Mention Jim Baxter 50335-1 Olson House
Advanced Honorable Mention Tom Sweeney 49300-4 Bridge To Church
Advanced Honorable Mention Chuck Diefenderfer 12401-4 Light Show
People Beginner Second Ame Ivanov 42100-3 Fishing in the Fog
Intermediate Honorable Mention Linda Mahoney 48560-5 Street Musician in Athlone Ireland
Advanced First John Sink 50305-1 Mennonite Girls Driftwood
Advanced Second Garrett Jackson 14670-3 Not The Enemy
Advanced Third Reinhold Schwenk 50569-4 Glad We Took the Umbrella
Professional Second Mahlon Stacy 42200-2 City Market London
Alternative Intermediate Third Jerry Dagen 50516-3 Life On Mars?
Fiber Arts Weaving Beginner First Victoria Love 50517-1 Kitchen Towel
Beginner Second Anne Booth 11631-1 Rag Rug
Beginner Third Katherine Prior 49210-2 Dish towel
Beginner Honorable Mention Deborah Imschweiler 40870-1 Shades of Purple
Beginner Honorable Mention Margaret (Peg) Crider 50301-1 Blue/green table runner
Intermediate First Carol Fritz 40720-2 Teal Summer/Winter Dresser Scarf
Intermediate Second Carol Fritz 40720-3 America Twill Dish Towel
Intermediate Third Cathy Dillon 50184-1 Sliding Color Scarf
Advanced First Kate Hamer 13910-1 Ladies Handwoven Jacket sz. Med
Advanced Second Kate Hamer 13910-2 Classic Twill Plaid Scarf
Advanced Third Kate Hamer 13910-3 Podium Drape for Church
Quilting Intermediate First Jody Duffy 49410-1 Twisted Bargello (40"X45")
Knitting/Crocheting Intermediate First Myrna Gow 13540-1 Plum Mist Afghan
Intermediate Second Dianne Ferris 50107-2 Blue Rectangular Lace Shawl
Intermediate Third Dianne Ferris 50107-1 Light Grey Ladies Cardigan
Intermediate Honorable Mention Dianne Ferris 50107-3 Blue Shawlette
Advanced First Jeanne Costello 48500-1 Tree of Life Afghan
Advanced Second Grace Torbet 19480-2 red cabled sweater
Advanced Honorable Mention Jeanne Costello 48500-2 Matinee Coat
Advanced Honorable Mention Barbara Penn 17200-6 Victorian Knitted Beaded Bag
Fashion & Accessories Beginner First Margaret Riggle 50550-2 Under the Sea Scarf
Needle Arts Advanced First Shirley Melmed 45581-5 Embroidery pillow Hardinger
Advanced Honorable Mention Shirley Melmed 45581-4 Cross stitch Home of a Quilter
Advanced Honorable Mention Laura Kovach 49160-1 Morning Glory Hooked Rug
Art Quilting Beginner First Margaret Riggle 50550-1 Sargasso Sea
Beginner Second Katherine Prior 49210-1 Turtle Wall Hanging
Advanced First Shirley Melmed 45581-2 Sunflower wall hanging
Advanced First Pamela Einboden 48941-2 Summer Birches
Fiber Mixed Media Intermediate First Makenzye Barfield 50553-3 Tree of New Life
Intermediate Second Makenzye Barfield 50553-1 Let the Color Run
Professional First Lainie Addessi 50094-2 Another Sunset/Woven Fabric
Professional Second Lainie Addessi 50094-3 Full Bloom
Professional Honorable Mention Lainie Addessi 50094-1 Nine Sunsets
Sculpture Sculpture Beginner First Dorothy Czarnecki 12290-4 Lady Goatrida
Beginner Second Ann Rebling 48390-2 Driftwood Beach
Intermediate First Mandy Thompson 50345-4 Nautical
Intermediate First Mandy Thompson 50345-5 Terrestrial
Intermediate Second Robert Iszard 50046-2 Magnolia
Intermediate Third Rosemary Umpleby 45210-3 Let the Ocean Breezes Blow
Advanced First Herbert Summerhill 50577-2 Mobius/Travertine
Advanced Second Herbert Summerhill 50577-1 Windswept/Carrara Marble
Advanced Third Herbert Summerhill 50577-3 El Pulpo/Italian Marble
Advanced Honorable Mention Brenda Joy Hughes 50489-4 In Moms Arms
Advanced Honorable Mention Brenda Joy Hughes 50489-3 In the Forest
Professional First Ray Garrett 13440-2 Goober
Professional Second Ray Garrett 13440-3 Ottersea
Professional Third Ray Garrett 13440-1 To the Core
Heritage Arts Basketry Beginner First Jaye Parsons 42870-1 roll basket
Beginner Second Maggie Moehringer 50519-1 Pine needle basket
Intermediate First Linda Diefenderfer 12400-2 Oval basket
Advanced First Linda Lanter 48990-2 Shell Basket
Advanced Honorable Mention Linda Lanter 48990-1 Sunrise
Professional First Catherine Miller 16410-1 Red Square
Professional Second David Loehle 45380-1 Large Handled Basket
Professional Third David Loehle 45380-3 5 sided Basket
Professional Honorable Mention David Loehle 45380-2 Bread Basket
Woodworking Beginner First Alastair MacDonald 49010-2 Older Santa
Beginner Second Lea Mullins 50411-1 Day at the Beach
Intermediate First BARBARA HAHN 50495-1 Embellished Camphor Bowl
Intermediate Second Barbara Penn 17200-1 Model T Ford
Intermediate Third BARBARA HAHN 50495-2 Embellished Ambrosia Maple Platter
Professional First David Loehle 45380-6 Checkered Bowl
Professional Second David Loehle 45380-4 Bread Board
Drawing Colored Pencil Intermediate Second Lynda Nuys 48460-2 Summer Flowers
Intermediate Honorable Mention Susan Throm 48190-1 purple iris
Pastels Advanced First Roseanne Dieterich 12420-2 Tulip Still Life
Professional First Carol Jo Smidt 48180-6 Fall Farm
Pen & Ink Intermediate First Edward Einboden 48940-1 Lobsters for sale
Intermediate Third Edward Einboden 48940-3 These eyes
Advanced Honorable Mention Colleen Hill 50140-1 Zen tangle gourd
Prints Beginner First Margaret Gallagher 50039-6 Frog Linocut
Beginner Second Margaret Gallagher 50039-7 Shells/Zentangle Design Linocut
Beginner Third Jaye Herbert 50336-1 VDub Bus on the Go
Intermediate Honorable Mention Edward Einboden 48940-4 Blackbirds singing 1/10
Framed Zentangle Beginner Honorable Mention Susan Kronenberger 45320-1 Zentangle Fun
Beginner Honorable Mention Ann Rebling 48390-1 Dolphin Zentangle
Handmade Arts Jewelry Beginner Second Beverly Hopkins 50251-3 Paper Bead Necklace
Beginner Honorable Mention Martha Iszard 47010-1 Salmon and Green Paper Necklace and Earrings
Intermediate First Chris Rogone 48420-4 Paper Bead Necklace - Wild Thing
Intermediate Second Chris Rogone 48420-5 Paper Bead Necklace - Heritage
Intermediate Third Jeanne Leonard 48150-1 Black and Red Necklace
Advanced First Roseanne Dieterich 12420-5 Sea Glass Dangle Necklace
Advanced Second Barbara Penn 17200-5 Turquoise Necklace and Earrings
Professional First Joanne Munzar 40620-6 Necklace Bracelet Earrings
Beading Beginner First Jackie Becker 50095-1 Spiral Necklace
Intermediate Honorable Mention Denise Seliskar 47611-1 Paper bead necklace & earrings in coral & green
3D W/Zentangle Beginner First Lynn Herbert 42540-2 e-String Box
Intermediate First Margaret Gallagher 50039-4 Wind Chimes
Intermediate Second Vera Locascio 48980-1 Mood Turqcocoa
Intermediate Third Sam Fulton 50299-1 Ostrich Egg Zentangled
Professional First Norman Hughes 14631-6 The Happy Rooster
Glass Craft Intermediate First Linda Mahoney 48560-1 Long Tailed Pygmy Possum
Intermediate Honorable Mention Jeanne Leonard 48150-5 Faux Scarab Necklace
Advanced First Donna Cummings 42090-1 Magnolia candle bowl
Advanced First Hank Wysocki 50150-1 Panel with Sun Stained Glass
Advanced Second Hank Wysocki 50150-2 Hex Panel Stained Glass
Advanced Honorable Mention Hank Wysocki 50150-3 Small Stained Glass Lamp
Paper Craft Beginner First Lynda Nuys 48460-6 Flowers in a Vase
Beginner Third Sara Rupnik 17980-1 Starry Starry Night Crane earrings
Beginner Honorable Mention Lynda Nuys 48460-7 Greeting Card - Love
Professional Honorable Mention Lainie Addessi 50094-4 Island Bird
Pottery Wheel-Thrown Beginner First Margaret Else 47540-1 Chili Bowl
Beginner Second Mary Perkins 45570-1 Bluebird Bowl
Beginner Third Michelle Anderson 50028-1 Small Coffee Mug
Beginner Honorable Mention Michelle Anderson 50028-3 White & Celadon Vessel
Intermediate First Margaret Gallagher 50039-3 Flower Bowl
Intermediate Second Margaret Gallagher 50039-2 Zentangle Platter
Advanced First Robin Tetterton 40830-1 Bottle Vase
Advanced Second Bonnie Newell 16840-1 Coastal Warming
Advanced Third Peter Wagar 19920-3 Chatter Bowl
Advanced Honorable Mention Peter Wagar 19920-2 Hedgehog
Advanced Honorable Mention Sue Gertis 13460-1 Garden lantern green
Advanced Honorable Mention Robin Tetterton 40830-2 Platter
Advanced Honorable Mention Catherine Miller 16410-4 Flower power
Advanced Honorable Mention Dave Palmer 17060-1 large-red-gold-black bowl
Professional First Reg Behrends 50288-1 Naked Raku Pottery
Professional Honorable Mention Reg Behrends 50288-3 Olive Oil Jug
Hand-Built Beginner First Michelle Anderson 50028-5 Candy Dish
Beginner Second Michelle Anderson 50028-6 Sun & Moon Mask
Beginner Honorable Mention Carolyn Waldhauer 20040-1 Cat Mask
Intermediate First Ruth Kelly 15290-2 blue pitcher-vase
Intermediate Second Cynthia Horowitz 50512-3 Working 9-5
Intermediate Third Margaret Else 47540-3 Bronze jug
Intermediate Honorable Mention Rosemary Umpleby 45210-1 Fallen Leaves
Advanced First Lesley Hughes 14630-4 Blue and White/set of 4 small tumblers
Advanced Second Vicki Fountain 13180-1 sugar and creamer w/tray
Advanced Third Norman Hughes 14631-2 Shrimp platter with sauce bowl
Advanced Honorable Mention Vicki Fountain 13180-2 red orange pitcher
Professional First Reg Behrends 50288-2 Architectural Bowl
Professional Second Ann Marie Dalis 50074-5 Live Oak Vase with Wisteria Handle